Are You Like an Owl?

Posted: 13th November 2010

I could hardly believe my eyes today in the Bay View Shopping Centre in Colwyn Bay when confronted at face height by a real life barn owl. I don't normally pay much attention as I walk through the shopping centre because I'm tired of being approached by the Sky and AA sales people, so I do my best to look indifferent. I realy didn't see the owl coming.

Wallace was sitting perched on the arm of his handler who was there to promote the work they do at the Owl Sanctuary at Bodafon Farm, Llandudno. Also in their enclosure were Thomas, a big 18 inch tall owl that looked like a cuddly toy, who was watching everything that was going on, and Benjamin, a teeny 6 inch tall owl, looking suspiciously like an ornament (until it moved), who was watching Thomas.

Wallace was enjoying lots of attention and tickles from passing shoppers while his handler answered questions about them.

We tend to associate owls with wisdom, so I asked the handler if they were intelligent birds. His answer was interesting. He said that owls don't really do much, but what they do they do brilliantly well. They might sit for 23 hours a day doing nothing but when they get hungry they will go out to hunt. Once they have caught and eaten their prey, which they usually do very quickly, because they are so good at what they do, they return to their perch to do nothing again. He said they don't waste lots of time and energy flying around achieving nothing. They are brilliantly efficient.

As I walked away I thought about how much of my time I spend efficiently focussed on my goals, and how much of my time I waste, distractedly flapping about. Honestly, a bit of the first and a lot of the latter. If I was really smart about it, I wonder how much I could achieve if I had one hour a day of pure determined and efficient focus on my goals. Quite a lot I imagine.

What about you? If you only had one hour a day to progress towards your dreams, what would you do with it?



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